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1. History and Evolution of Chinese and Oriental Furniture
by Mark Mosher

Excavated Ancient Chinese furniture reveals a culture that relied on mat-level furniture where the people sat on woven mats and accessory furniture such as low tables and arm rests were used. Furniture discovered from the Chu kingdom of around 500 B.C. show a simplistic style but also decorated with fine carvings and painted colorful designs. These colors and carving traditions continue to be used in Chinese furniture connecting modern Oriental furniture to the ancient history of Chinese furniture evolution.

As Buddhism migrated into China a move toward higher seating becomes apparent. The HAN emperor "Lingdi" in the 2nd century AD was fascinated with all things from other countries. During his reign the platform was introduced and used as seats of honor for higher ranking members in society. Han Dynasty writings from 206 BC to 220AD refer to these platforms as TA.

The Buddhist migration continued and along with it an hour glass shaped stool appeared in the northern and southern dynasties of 386-586 AD. Its important to note that these wicker stools are still commonly used in today's China.

Moving into the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) stools and chairs are now common among societies higher ranking members. Ancient paintings and wall murals show the earliest form of the traditional Chinese round back and yoke back chairs.

It was during the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD) that many styles of furniture were being used by all peoples both ranking and not. Various "recessed-leg style tables, benches, and chairs are seen in paintings and excavations and were common among the general populations. Elite members of society were beginning to use a more elegant "corner leg" architecture for official ceremonies during this time.

As we transtition into the Ming Dynasty periods we see the thick lacquer coated furniture with its beautiful glossy finish and painted with colorful scenes. In 1567 the ban on imports was lifted and tropical dense hardwoods moved into China. With the harder woods the joinery techniques were greatly improved and the designs became much more refined and elegant.

The Qing dynasty came into rule after the Ming and the ruler Qianlong loved the traditional ancient and Ming style of designs. Through this love the designs from the Ming period continued to advance. As you browse our lacquer furniture selections you will notice that our factory continues to use the traditional Ming joint techniques and fine lacquer applications.

2. Oriental and Chinese Furniture for use in Modern Homes

So its time to decorate your home and your considering the various styles and designs available. The local furniture store has plenty of cheap pressed board furniture to choose from. This local furniture, even with its attractive outward appearances uses cheap pressed board as its frame work.
Now enter the world of our solid hardwood Oriental furniture. This furniture uses solid hardwood throughout the entire construction providing you a collectible furniture that will last generations. The wonderful decorating aspect to Oriental and Chinese furniture is that it blends so well with modern furniture. With its bold and classy look Oriental furniture enhances a room with brightness and more importantly elegance.

The modern home is usually designed with light neutral interiors. Oriental lacquer furniture enhances these interiors with its dark tones providing you with a clean, bold, and elegant appearing room. The simple lines used in Oriental furniture make it blend beautifully with western furniture allowing you to attractively mix the 2 styles. For example a neutral leather sofa set mixed with a beautiful oriental coffee table and end table set creates a stunning collection. When you create a look like this its no surprise that Oriental and Chinese furniture has become so popular.

When choosing your Oriental furniture you will want to find the highest quality at the lowest price. Our factory in Hong Kong has been manufacturing furniture in the traditional Ming style and techniques for many years. After searching all over China for the finest furniture we found the best factory by far. They use only solid hardwoods for construction, traditional jointing techniques, and the most extensive lacquer process that we found anywhere in China or Hong Kong. Rest assured that you will be instantly impressed and love your new furniture from our company. We ship to all U.S. states including Hawaii and Alaska. The furniture is packed unbelievably well and a safe damage free delivery is guaranteed or will replace it.

3. Rosewood Furniture Facts and Decorating Ideas

a. Production Processes for Rosewood Furniture

Rosewood furniture manufacturing uses an ancient and traditional Chinese method that incorporates the following carpentry techniques:
3. TENON JOINT INCORPORATED WITH A FLOATING PANEL (used to support and prevent any tendency to curl)
Our factory uses all of these superior and traditional techniques for all of our Rosewood furniture including cabinet tops, door panels, and chair seats.

Finishing Process

1. The finishing process used is also an ancient Chinese traditional method where a natural lacquer is sapped from a tree the Chinese actually refer to as the LACQUER TREE. This lacquer produces much more beautiful furniture than man-made finishing products although its much more time consuming and labor intensive to collect.

2. After the lacquer has been collected the sanding begins. Following the first sanding, a filler is applied to the wood to fill the open grain in the lumber. After this filler application dries, the first natural lacquer is applied and further seals the grain. Sanding commences again but this time with a special flour paper. Its after this sanding process that aniline dyes are applied to change the stain color as necessary or required.

3. The stain is complete and the final process begins. Typically 11 applications of lacquer are applied with polishing completed between each application. Then the polishing begins with successive applications or clear lacquer. Its terribly hard and painstaking work but the end result is beautiful Rosewood furniture with its unmatched beautiful grain and finish.

b. Decorating with Rosewood Furniture
Like Oriental furniture Rosewood furniture is built using solid hardwood. Compare that with your local furniture stores pressed wood frame work. When purchase Rosewood furniture you are making an investment that can be passed on from generation to generation. Rosewood furniture can be purchased in many styles, stains, and carvings. This allows you to incorporated it into any style of decorated home. A good example of this is where people commonly want a Rosewood dining table and matching China Cabinet. It looks wonderful with its beautful natural grain and it blends great with the furniture in the rest of the home.

c. Proper Care of Rosewood Furniture
1. Never use any polishes, oils, or sprays of any kind on Rosewood furniture as these products will breakdown the fine finish over time.

2. You should use a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth and carefully wipe the dust off.

3. Never allow full sunlight to hit the Rosewood as the stain will slowly fade in the sun.

What can I do if my Rosewood furniture finish was damaged?
If the stain or finish goes dull there is no method to bring back the glossy finish. You could strip the entire furniture but only the Chinese specialists know all the glues and varnishes used to give Rosewood its special luster.

Helpful Information to have When Ordering our Rosewood furniture
We offer many stains for our Rosewood. Our stock stains are #1.5 Natural and #3 Dark Red. You can also have us do custom stains through a factory order in the #2.5 very red, a #4 Brown Mahogany, the #5 dark walnut, or even a black lacquer stain.

Our carvings available include: Plain (no carving at all), Longlife (Longevity), Dragon, Bird/Flower, Grapes, and Western Carving.

In addition to the hundreds of items you will find here on our website we also build many other items you might find other places either locally or online. To obtain a quote provide us a photo and dimensions needed and we will get back to you with costs.

We can have our factory change the size of any item you see on our website.

When you place a factory order for any of our items or sets or a custom order we ask for a 1/3 deposit to start the order. The balance is due when it ships in 3 to 4 months. We ship to Alaska and Hawaii and any other country in the world.

Our Asian furniture experts are ready to assist you. Give us a call today toll-free at 1-888-265-4695

#1 - LOW PRICE GUARANTEE. Provide a link to another company with a lower price on the same item and we will beat it by at least $5.00.
#2 - With our commitment to superior service we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
#3 - Larger orders qualify for 10% or more discounts. Give us a call for details.
#4 - We offer a 10% discount when you buy a dining set and living room set.
#5 - We ship to Canada, Hawaii, Caribbean, and Puerto Rico.
#6 - We offer "white glove" delivery service upgrade where 2 men will carry your furniture into your home and set it up for you.
#7 - We provide many choices of Chinese style fabrics, stains, and sizes. We will also send you free fabric swatches for your review.
#8 - We offer free Asian and Oriental customizing services. You can adjust sizes and stains, or even have us build your own design.
#9 - We can meet your delivery schedules. For example; you need delivery on a certain date to your Florida home? We can do it.
#10 -We have friendly and caring people here that will do everything they can to assist you with your furniture questions and requests or any shipping issues.

Why is our Oriental and Rosewood furniture better? Our Oriental furniture is built from solid hard woods, and covered with multiple layers of lacquer giving it an amazing shine that will truly last forever. Our factory in Hong Kong builds the furniture in the ancient traditional manner with dovetail and tongue and groove carpentry. We have visited the various factories and none come close to building furniture with such high qulity and uniformity. Our Rosewood factory is the same world class operation. All of the Rosewood lumber is kiln dried before construction to prevent any cracking. Only the ancient traditional construction is used with dovetail and tongue and groove. All of the furniture is built from solid Rosewood including the inside of drawers and the backs of the furniture.

PROPER CARE OF OUR ORIENTAL AND ROSEWOOD FURNITURE - Follow these procedures to keep your furniture beautiful forever.
1. Never use any polishes, oils, or sprays of any kind on Rosewood or Oriental furniture as these products will breakdown the fine finish over time.

2. You should use a clean, soft,  slightly damp cloth and carefully wipe the dust off.

3. Never allow full sunlight to hit the furniture as the stain will slowly fade in the sun.

We appreciate your comments very much. If you did not find what you were looking for, have more questions,
or just an idea for us to improve please give us a call or send an email.
Please note we also ship to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska. Call for a free quote .
If you have any questions on price and selection please give our experts a call at: 1-888-265-4695
or e-mail: sales@orientalhomefurniture.com

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